AnaSim© is a tool to simulate the essential operational parameters of an anaerobic waste water treatment plant by using commonly measured influent parameters. Using these influent parameters the reactor pH, gas production rate, biogas composition, daily chemical demand and other important parameters are determined.

AnaSim© does not attempt to calculate biological processes like bacterial growth rates or substrate uptake rates. Instead, the focus is on the essential biochemical reaction products and their influence on the digester chemical environment. AnaSim© can be used for design and control of the day to day operation of an anaerobic waste water treatment plant. It aims at supporting engineers in the area of anaerobic biotechnology and operators of anaerobic treatment plants.

AnaSim© is based on two fundamental theoretical concepts already published in the literature and accepted internationally:

(a)  Organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and hydrogen sulfide mass balance according to a concept developed by Karl Swardal (Technical University of Vienna, 1991).

(b)  Alkalinity concept for weak acid / base systems developed by Prof. Loewenthal and the University of Cape Town (UCT)-Group. Published in Water SA and Water Science and Technology, IWA Journal.

These two concepts are combined in the AnaSim© - Software allowing the simulation of steady state conditions in an anaerobic reactor based on easily measurable input parameters. If some input parameters are not known different scenarios can be simulated by varying the input values.

System requirements: WS Windows, MS-Excel and Visual Basic.



Input parameters

AnaSim© requires a number of input parameters which are either measured or estimated based on experience with waste water from similar installations. Following parameters are required:


Output parameters

AnaSim© calculates the following anaerobic digestion plant operational parameters:


Advantages - benefits

AnaSim© offers a number of practical benefits for anaerobic wastewater treatment plant design and operation through simulation of the following parameters based on easily measurable influent data.

- digester pH value
- biogas composition (CH4, CO2, H2S)
- daily biogas production rate
- chemical dosing demand to achieve pH stability – usage of different chemicals can be simulated
- daily electrical power generation
- daily heat generation via co-generator or burner / boiler
- calcium carbonate precipitation potential
- digester effluent parameters: chemical oxygen demand, phosphorus, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide
- nutrient demand for biomass growth
- daily sludge production rate

Process optimization: is achievable in the area of chemical dosing by simulating various dosing scenarios.
Variable influent data: different scenarios can be simulated for varying influent conditions.
Cross-checking of operating data is easily possible: e.g. power generation can be checked against the chemical oxygen demand balance.



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